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Affiliate program
Faktormoney LTD decisive members can benefit from our highly lucrative affiliate program with 6% bonus for all deposits made by directly invited partners. Take this chance to work from anywhere you want & earn impressive checks online, by simply inviting your friends & family or sending us high-quality targeted web traffic.
The mutually beneficial partnership starts from a direct appreciation of your partner's work in a first place. At Faktormoney LTD we've developed a unique affiliate program which can bring stable, long-term income to everyone, from exacting marketing professional to a simple user strives to spread the word about his decisiveness. By sharing an idea of Faktormoney Platform's opportunities with your friends and colleagues, offering them trusted way to safely grow their capital, you can start building your team right now and receive commissions from all the network. This New Era of online earnings brought us tremendous opportunities to live your life free and become truly independent.