About Our Company


Faktormoney is an independent investment company registered and based in the United Kingdom of Great Britain. The main Office of the company is located here: 31 Southampton Row, London, WC1B 5HJ, United Kingdom. The company business is closely related to trading activity in the multi-currency Forex market, as well as on the Stock Exchange. We invite you to take advantage of our experience to multiply your savings. Company carried out its own investment strategy, providing customers with the opportunity to obtain long-term income and providing the highest level of customer support from the company. Our company has become one of the pioneering companies in the financial sector with stable growth and profitability which it offers to our partners and thus making it an attractive place for investors.

In the modern technological age, people are showing a serious approach towards adopting online earning as business to use their spare time and energy for making some extra money, and this trend is continuously growing. With the dawn of technology, people started thinking about the possible means to use it in multi-dimensional ways.


It is possible to send and get money at any given time. The time and distance factors will not restrict the user when he uses this currency.

He will be in control of the money while using this currency. He is not hampered by the holidays and other obstacles while doing transaction with it.

Merchants become incapable of charging extra fees on anything stealthily. Hence, they are forced to talk to the customers before levying any charges on the transactions.

All the transactions using this digital would be safe in the Internet network as the users can encrypt it.

The users can complete the transactions without revealing any personal information.

Since the transactions using Bitcoin happen online, all of them are well documented. So, anybody can see the block of transactions. However, the personal information would still be unavailable to others. Hence, it would be a transparent transaction

The Bitcoin-based transactions are either not chargeable or attract very low fees. Even if charged, that transaction gets priority in the network and gets executed very fast.

Our Mission

Faktormoney aims to be the leading provider of financial investment services by offering customized strategies that will enhance long-term commercial benefits for our clients, based upon each of their individual business requirements. We are determined to provide exemplary service to our clients, deliver a superior rate of return to our investors and partners, thus providing new and innovative financial services in new markets.

Our Vision

We hope to ensure long-term sustainability by meeting the needs of our investors, employees, and offering strong financial services in emerging markets through professionally handled investments. By doing so, we believe we can become one of the leading investment companies in UK, and eventually the world.